Current CAMPAIGN - women rise up

Tools to heal and recover from abuse.


#MeToo so there is no #YouToo
Created by Founder of IWI Aubrey Shayler as a call to action in response to the #MeToo movement.


The Women Rise Up Project (WRU) is a multifaceted programme that will focus on sexual and physical assault against women and girls at the hands of men and boys, with the mission of ending both through education and policy. Comprising the following components Man 2 Man, The Safety Centre and Pathways, WRU will launch in the UK August 2019.

Man 2 Man A mentorship that to be led by men to help men, who have previously been abusive towards their partners or ex-partners, gain accountability, change their behaviour and develop respectful, non-abusive relationships. M2M will also foster an environment that challenges stereotypes that lead to abuse. The mentorship will also create an environment where participants can freely and openly express ideas, engage in constructive dialogue and support each other in making long lasting changes.

Safety Centre An online resource containing a series of articles, planners, podcasts, videos and interactive tools focusing on the physical, mental and emotional health

of women. In addition, the Centre will provide a database of resources for females seeking assistance with abuse circumstances, or answers with regard to removing themselves from an abusive relationship. The Centre will speak to a very diverse audience and will take into consideration the visitor’s age, religion, nationality, ethnicity, economic condition and immigrant status.

Pathways This component will provide outreach to teens. WRU educators visit secondary schools in the UK with a presentation that will focus on the side effects of bullying, for the victim and the perpetrator, and how to best deal with situations that lead to bullying. It is an informative interactive presentation that will lay bare the outcomes of bullying, and how bullying can continue into adulthood but is given a new name, abuse. We bring our programming, designed to empower teens to become confident and recognise that compassion, respect and acceptance should be the underlying foundation of relationships.