International Women's Initiative strives to educate the world about the violations against women's rights, as well as make a difference in women's lives.


IWI is dedicated to all of our projects, including the Safe Birthing Programme, the TechHumanity project, AudioRoar! with Poppy Damon podcast series, The World I Know and The Human Project.  We are excited about the impact that we will make for women. If you are curious about our programmes and want to get involved, click here. If you are interested in donating to help fund our programmes, click here. 


At IWI, we value our ability to use tools such as social media and our website to keep individuals informed about the violation of women's rights occurring globally. From unsafe abortions, to forced virginity tests, to unequal pay - violations of the human rights of women is shockingly rampant. 


We value our relationships with our partners, and they help us to accomplish things like the Safe Birthing Programme, TechHumanity and The Human Project. Neither of these projects would ever have been possible without the assistance of our partners local to the areas which we serve. Without there help we would never be able to realise our goals otherwise.


In today's world, we are lucky to have social media and blogging as tools to share information and ideas. It is easier to communicate today than ever before, and at IWI, we want to take advantage of that. 

IWI's Production Team, which heads the AudioRoar! podcast, as well as the media house Human Films which produces documentaries and film series all with the purpose of shining a light on the lives of women and their experiences, and to provide a platform for women to raise their voices.