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Tibetan women, from Mosuo empowerment to exile

Imagine a society where women not only have equal rights but are regarded as the primary decision-maker. Travel to the Yunnan valley in the eastern foothills of the Himalayas and you will find an ancient tribal community of Tibetan Buddhists called Mosuo who live in an extremely modern way. Mosuo women are treated as equal to men, both have as many sexual partners as they like and extended families bring up children and care for the elderly, without the exclusivity of nuclear family structures.

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Women In Nepal After The Earthquake

It is now three years since the earthquake in Nepal, and women have successfully rebuilt their houses and rehabilitated their communities with the help of foreign aid. In a country still suffering in the aftermath of a devastating natural disaster, women are now challenging the beliefs that had previously led to harmful practices against them.

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Leaving a legacy: a brief look back at the legal initiatives of Michelle Bachelet's tenure in Chile

As Michelle Bachelet prepares for her departure from Chile’s Presidential Palace in Santiago, she leaves behind an influential precedent established with the motive to enhance women’s rights and equality through a number of legislative reforms. 

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