Aubrey Shayler is the Founder and the CEO of International Women’s Initiative, a global women’s human rights organisation, which addresses issues such as reproductive and medical rights, freedom from violence, education and other fundamental human rights. Aubrey is an untiring and excellent advocate for women’s rights and uses her skills in leadership and management, in programmes and projects development, digital communication, strategy, as well as budget and financial control to efficiently lead the organisation with its numerous volunteers and staff. Aubrey has organised multiple events, lectures, and fundraising initiatives to support international maternal health programmes. Dedicated to women and safe birthing, she created the Safe Birthing Programme which successfully launched in Amolatar District of northern Uganda, and has worked to expand the programme to additional locations.

Throughout her life, Aubrey has shown a complete dedication to women’s rights. Aubrey has worked for over twenty years to ensure that women have continued legal access to abortions, first as a volunteer facilitating women’s clinical access to safe procedures with Dr George Tiller, and then by becoming a staff member.

The common theme unifying her efforts has been bringing into focus the need for all women to have access to their human rights. She has provided through IWI and its subsidiaries, a powerful voice for women to speak their truths. Harnessing their talents and motivating her staff and volunteers, Aubrey Shayler is giving a new meaning to dignity for women. IWI has become a symbol for women’s empowerment, and every activity of the organisation has been implemented to ensure women everywhere live their lives on their own terms.



Gemma Arregui, IWI’s Chief Operations Officer and Deputy Executive Director, has over 9 years of experience in consultancies within regulated industries (Finance; Pharmaceutical & Insurance). She has a solid track record of delivering successful results through multiple (transformational) projects across back and front office with immediate and sustainable results.

Gemma was raised in an environment that embrace young women to develop and think for themselves within a culture that has a close history and highly values human rights. Her motivation to become a leader was to mentor teams and keep developing her understanding and experience of providing a work environment that could offer a healthier and balanced work force.

Throughout mentoring and leading teams, it has been crucial to collaborate with all stakeholders. It is by challenging with persistence and compassion the ‘status quo’ and empowering both female and male human beings that we will achieve great projects.”



As IWI’s Director of Human Resources and President, Sana Khan has over 12 years of experience in the International Humanitarian Development Sector. She earned her Master degrees in Business Administration from Quaid e Azam University in Islamabad Pakistan and Masters degree in Political Science, with a concentration on various international professional courses, trainings and diplomas on human resource management, administration, labour laws and to work in emergencies. Throughout her career, Ms Khan has worked in various challenging contexts and countries, with insecure and under developed context; building HR strategies and implementation approaches in emergencies and regular projects. Sana’s interest in women’s rights is that men in dominating societies have yet to be respectful of the contributions made by women. She joined IWI to ensure correct human resource procedures and protocols are in place, to benefit staff and to enable IWI to further protect women’s human rights and raise awareness worldwide.



Jana joined the International Women’s Initiative team as the Director of Partnerships in May, 2017. Previously, Jana worked and volunteered for various non-profits, including Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation, which brought together grant-makers dedicated to enhancing democratic participation in all aspects of civic life; and American Gateways, a non-profit providing legal and educational services to impoverished and vulnerable immigrant communities in central Texas.

Jana earned a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Rutgers University and a Master’s Degree in International Relations from Queen Mary, University of London. She has dedicated her academic, professional and personal life to international development and human rights.



Kamini Paul has more than 18 years professional experience in project management as an International Consultant and Adviser for Bi-lateral, multi-lateral and non-government organisations. Clients include the Department for International Development UK Aid (DFID), World Bank, European Commission, UN Agencies (UNHCR, UNWomen, UNICEF, OCHA, UNAMA), USAID, Oxfam. Kamini is currently a Trustee for the Farkhunda Trust, which is a London based charity, providing scholarships to Afghan girls to excel academically and professionally, allowing them to become financially independent and that their success will encourage and inspire other young women to pursue higher education.