The mission of the SBP is to ensure women globally have access to their right for adequate reproductive healthcare.
— Caitlin Haas, Director of Safe Birthing Programme

Through the Safe Birthing Programme, International Women’s Initiative aims to promote gender equality by reducing maternal mortality in countries where women have the highest lifetime risk of dying in pregnancy and childbirth. IWI’s Safe Birthing Programme offers low-cost, high-impact solutions for achieving SDG 3, aiming to reduce the global maternal mortality ratio, and SDG 5, promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment through universal access to sexual and reproductive health care services.

What We Are Doing

To date, the Safe Birthing Programme has provided birthing kits to health centres in the Amolatar District of Northern Uganda resulting in improved sanitary conditions to prevent childbirth infections for mother and child. As a result of the success of this programme, IWI will be expanding the Safe Birthing Programme to Adale Town, Somalia, and will launch a third location the end of 2017.

Every day 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Approximately 99% of all maternal deaths occur in the developing world. Maternal mortality is an important indicator of health inequalities between and within nations, and stagnation in maternal health progress is a violation of women’s human rights. Investing in maternal health has numerous implications not only for women, but also for the health and future of children and communities worldwide. International Women’s Initiative is confident that the Safe Birthing Programme will elicit a systemic change to women’s access to healthcare. We are proud of the change we have elicited in the Amolatar District, and are excited to bring our programme to our new location in order to safeguard motherhood for women throughout the world.