AudioRoar! with Aubrey Shayler

SEASON TITLE: Marching Toward the Past

SEASON THEME: Women's rights in the age of increasing authoritarianism. The rise of this rhetoric and authoritarian leaders that are taking women's rights into the past. Each episode will focus on a different country and the rights of women during increasing authoritarian ideology. What are the long term consequences for women by these populist movements?

Premiering February 26th, the second season of AudioRoar! will bring to our audience a monthly series centred on issues women face globally. Each episode will provide an unfiltered view of both sides of the topic in question. The driving force behind the AudioRoar! podcast are the debates on human rights issues, going after the facts and holding responsible those in power.

AudioRoar!’s second will feature such topics as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) within the UK, Missing and murdered indigenous women within Canada and Female freedom, human rights and the censorship of the #MeToo hashtag within China. Ms Shayler will bring forward the voices of brave women worldwide for the purpose of campaigning for change.

Hear her roar!.....Aubrey has a gift for laying bare the issues and experiences of women by discussing with them the stark truth of their reality. She helps us realise that no matter the walk of life, we are all as women connected.
— Dr Carol Wolfe Konek, WSU Centre of Women's Studies

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