The IWI: Institute For Feminist Policy Reform
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A Global Policy Change & Advocacy Oriented Women’s Human Rights Think Tank


IWI Announcements


Determined action for gender equality.


Global Policy Review

Global Policy Review (GPR) has been established as a means to analyse laws and policies impacting women’s rights and pave the way for a more egalitarian society. GPR educates the international community on the status of women’s rights abuses, but also empower and support those women who seek justice.

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AudioRoar! Podcast

The AudioRoar! Podcast with Aubrey Shayler is a monthly series that brings to its audience an unfiltered view of both sides of the topic in question. The driving force behind AudioRoar! are the debates on human rights issues, going after the facts and holding responsible those in power. This season will feature such topics as FGM within the UK, missing and murdered indigenous women within Canada and the censorship of the #MeToo hashtag within China.

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The Lead

The Lead examines female culture globally and looks at the media and its products through a lens that takes into account the historical and cultural representation of gender globally and in pop culture — media that have traditionally reflected a narrow vision of what women and girls are and can be.

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10-4-10 Series

10-4-10 is a YouTube series which will be a top ten list of women’s rights issues that will average 10 minutes in length, hence 10 for 10.

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Equal Rights & Treatment Project

The Equal Rights and Treatment Project reviews the efficacy of current laws within the United States in ensuring equal rights and equal treatment of women and men. This ongoing review of laws is coupled with IWI’s lobbying efforts to change unequal policy, as well as publish our findings ensuring full disclosure.

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Women Rise Up

The Women Rise Up Project (WRU) is a multifaceted programme that focuses on sexual and physical assault against women and girls at the hands of men and boys, with the mission of ending both through education and policy.

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“Your silence will not protect you.” 

– Audre Lorde, Poet

That is why women must use their voice to shout about what they want, and reject what they do not.


our values

dedicated to change.

Transparency: We take responsibility for using our resources effectively, and we want to be open and honest about our projects, activities, and spending for the betterment of women across the globe.

Collaboration: We work together, both internally and externally, in order to create a better world for those who live in it.

Inclusiveness: We realise that women’s equality is not only a women’s issue. We seek to include all women, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, and colour, as well as men. We believe that people of all identities are equal partners in solving these issues.   

Integrity: We do our best to be honest and transparent in order to provide the best information possible. We always act in the best interest of women everywhere. We hold ourselves to a high standard as we realise this is the only way to successfully implement change.

Tenacity: We fight for what we believe in, and will continue to do so until human rights violations against women have been eradicated all across the globe. 

Photo by-Cleo Di Benedetto

Photo by-Cleo Di Benedetto